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All Building Law

Headed by experienced construction lawyer Tom Adames, All Building Law provides clients with expert advice and experience without the fuss.

Tom has worked as a Partner in a number of top Queensland and National law firms, and can advise you on all aspects of commercial and domestic building projects.

Rebecca is an exceptional property lawyer who has top tier law firm experience and can advise you on all aspects of property, body corporate and building law.

Building Law Expertise

Building industry legislation is notoriously complicated. Trying to understand this area of the law by yourself can lead to adverse outcomes, potentially delaying your project while it gets tied up in disputes and legal red tape. To minimise this risk, All Building Law can help you successfully navigate all types of contract negotiation and conflict resolution processes.

Having specialised in building and construction law for over 15 years, our areas of expertise include:

  • Contract advice – receive expert guidance on drawing up or amending commercial and domestic building contracts and supporting documents.
  • Dispute resolution – keeping your project or work on track by minimising the expense and stress associated with disputes.
  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) – conducting negotiations with Queensland’s building regulator and reviewing adverse decisions made by the QBCC.
  • Commercial advice – advice on matters related to building projects, e.g. guarantees, WH&S and lease agreements.

Whether you need ongoing representation or advice on a one-off basis, All Building Law can assist with any legal matter related to your building project.

Our Clients

All Building Law acts for a wide range of clients across the building industry including owners, developers, builders, subcontractors and consultants.

Encompassing large infrastructure projects, residential developments, commercial premises and other types of construction works, our experience gives us a thorough understanding of the technical and legal elements that can influence the success of a building project. This makes All Building Law a suitable choice for every client – no matter what type of legal problem you’re dealing with, we can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Why work with All Building Law?

All Building Law can help minimise the stress and expense associated with seeking legal advice. Unlike many large law firms, we work with cases of all sizes while paying individual care and attention to your matter. Offering an exceptional standard of skill and experience with reduced overheads and expenses, All Building Law offers cost-effective legal counsel.

We can meet you at your office or a location of your choosing to discuss the particulars of your case, saving you the hassle of coming into the city. We work quickly to understand your problems and needs and can advise you on the best course of action in a timely manner.

To speak with an expert building lawyer in Brisbane, contact Tom Adames at All Building Law today by calling 0432 860 958, or get in touch online

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We offer boutique services across the building and construction legal area
Our fees are less than big city firms making legal advice more affordable

Contract Advice

Advice on all aspects of commercial and domestic building contracts and supporting documents

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Dispute Resolution

Advising on all aspects of dispute resolution

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QLD Building and Construction Commission (QBCC)

Advice on how to deal with QBCC matters including

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Commercial Advice

Advice on getting paid and matters related to building projects, e.g. guarantees, WH&S and lease agreements

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